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Asian Heritage Month

Celebrate the history and heritage of Asian cultures through engaging learning resources from TVO Learn and videos from TVOkids.

Learning Activities

Guide children through the following learning resources for Grades 1 to 4.
All TVO Learn content is created or curated by Ontario educators and aligns with the Ontario curriculum.

Grade 1 Mathematics

Fair Share Problems

Learn about Nowruz, the Persian New Year, with help from TVOkids Original 16 Hudson.

Grade 2 Social Studies

How We Celebrate

Discover cultural celebrations like Oshogatsu in Japan and Thai Pongal in South India.

Grade 2 Social Studies

Decomposing Bills from $200

Explore Lunar New Year traditions while building financial literacy skills.

Grade 4 Music

Musical Forms and Cultural Traditions

Build understanding about Japanese Noh Theatre, a unique musical form and tradition.

TVOkids Videos

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with special episodes of TVOkids series It's My Party, Backyard Beats and My World, My Kitchen.

TVOkids YouTube

Celebrate Lunar New Year with full episode specials from TVOkids series.

It's My Party

Watch as children guide each other through diverse cultural celebrations. The following videos highlight holidays and traditions from different Asian communities.

Backyard Beats

Learn about musical instruments from around the world and make your own with do-it-yourself creativity. These episodes feature the Guzheng, the Dizi, the Daf and the Tabla.

My World, My Kitchen

Follow young cooks as they take the lead in the kitchen and make recipes that reflect their culture and heritage. Learn about unique family traditions in each video.

Watch Asian Heritage Month programming