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How to Use These Resources

TVO Learn is designed to meet each student where they are on their learning journey. Learning Activities are comprehensive and require guided instruction from an adult, while Resources for Learning, Apply the Learning prompts and Vocabulary lists work well to reinforce specific skills or to enable independent exploration of a subject. Use these helpful tips to get the most from TVO Learn.

Curriculum Overview

Language development is central to students’ intellectual, social, and emotional growth, and should be seen as a key element of the curriculum. The language curriculum is based on the belief that literacy is critical to responsible and productive citizenship. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve this goal.   

For students, language knowledge comes from their life experiences and prior knowledge. Language is a fundamental element of identity and culture. As students read and reflect on a rich variety of literary, informational, and media texts, they develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others and of the world around them. If they see themselves and others in the texts they read and the oral and media works they engage in, they are able to feel the works connect to the world they live in and from there come to appreciate the nature and value of a diverse, multicultural society. 

The language curriculum is divided into four strands:

  • Oral Communication
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Media Literacy

Interested in learning more? View Curriculum PDF
For French resources, please visit idello.org

Learning Activities

Learning Activities provide opportunity for deeper exploration of a subject. Organized by grade and topic (or strand), students should be guided through each Learning Activity by an adult. Before clicking on a topic to prepare for or begin this guided instruction, be sure to read these helpful tips about how to get the most out of TVO Learn.

Please note: To access the learning activities, visit this page with a computer or tablet.

Resources for Learning

Chosen by TVO educators, these resources support the curriculum outlined above. Review the below list of options along with the activities. Then, read, watch, listen or play to build understanding and knowledge.

Complete the suggested activities using these resources and other TVO resources.

Apply the Learning

Choose from the following to consolidate learning across all curriculum strands.

  • Use a T-chart to explain when you would choose formal writing over social writing.

  • Prepare a book talk media presentation on a book of your choice.

  • Prepare an infographic that will educate others about National Indigenous Peoples Day.

  • Review a resource or text of your choice and then consider the following questions:

    • Whose point of view is being explored in this text/resource?

    • Whose voice do we not hear?

    • Is this fair?

  • Present an argument in favour of one point of view on an issue (e.g., My Stay-At-Home Diary, City Wild Life Rescue, Homework Zone: Booktalks). Include an opening statement, sequence of points with supporting evidence, and summary/conclusion.

  • What conclusions can you draw from the events or information presented in one of the TVO resources? Present your ideas in a graphic organizer of your choice.

  • Write a short story that includes the use of similes and personification. Then, read your story aloud and include different-sounding “voices” for the characters in a dramatization of your story.

  • Create your own definitions for 20 of the words in the vocabulary list.


Review this list of vocabulary associated with the curriculum. Practice spelling, research definitions, and find these vocabulary words when engaging with the TVO resources or completing learning activities.

Students should understand and be able to apply these words in context.




concept map


critical literacy

critical thinking




elements of text

graphic novel







inclusive language






point of view











web page




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