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Grade 6

Social Studies

Curriculum Overview

The Grade 6 social studies expectations provide opportunities for students to explore a number of concepts connected to the citizenship education framework including beliefs and values, cooperation, culture, equity, freedom, identity, and respect.  

The social studies expectations provide opportunities for students to explore the experiences and perspectives of diverse communities in historical and contemporary Canada and examine how they have contributed to the development of Canadian identity. In addition to developing their understanding of different communities in Canada, students will explore the global community and Canada’s role in it. They will investigate current social, political, economic, and environmental issues, and develop their understanding of the importance of international action and cooperation.  

The social studies curriculum is divided into two strands:

  • Heritage and Identity:
    Communities in Canada, Past and Present
  • People and Environment:
    Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community

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On this page:


Review this list of vocabulary associated with the curriculum. Practice spelling, research definitions, and find these vocabulary words when engaging with the TVO resources or completing learning activities.

Students should understand and be able to apply these words in context.

  • Heritage and Identity
    Communities in Canada, Past and Present
  • People and Environment
    Canada’s Interactions with the Global Community

beliefs and values 







First Nations, Métis, and Inuit  











economic issues 

environmental issues 



political issues 


social issues 

Resources for Learning

Chosen by TVO educators, these resources support the curriculum outlined above. Review the below list of options along with the activities. Then, read, watch, listen or play to build understanding and knowledge.

Complete the suggested activities using these resources and other TVO resources.

Suggested Activities

Complete these activities to consolidate learning across all curriculum strands.

  • Research a current global issue (for example climate change or the pandemic). What is Canada’s involvement? How is Canada affected?

  • Create your own definitions for 20 of the words in the vocabulary list.

  • What impact does Canada’s consumption of various foods from around the world (for example, coffee and/or chocolate) have on the people and environment of the producer countries? You can research more information on education.tvo.org

  • Research what types of organizations existed in the past, or exist now, to help new immigrants in Canada? Are there enough supports available to new immigrants?

  • Use a map to locate the cities and countries that are interesting to you. Do you notice any patterns?

  • Why does the issue of invasive species require action at the international level?

  • In what ways is your story part of the story of Canada?

  • Why is it important for Canada to be involved with countries around the world?

  • Why does the wellbeing of the world’s people and the environment depend on international cooperation?

  • In what ways is Canada’s economy related to the global economy?

  • How have natural disasters affected Canada and the world? What positive actions were taken to support Canadians and other citizens from around the globe?

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